A precocious visionary and innate entrepreneur from youth, Bishop S.Y. Younger is the establishmentarian of multiple thriving non-profit and faith-based organizations, including The Ramp Church International where he currently serves as Senior Pastor. 


At the tender age of 15, Younger founded Shekinah Outreach Ministries of Evangelism, Inc., a ministry seeking to unify Christian believers on college campuses throughout the east coast. 


As an adolescent, Younger studied under the tutelage of Bishop Lorenzo Hall.  Younger’s adept leadership proclivities led him to be sanctioned with ministerial credentials in November 1999 by the Reach Out Apostolic Tabernacle.  After exemplifying exceptional service and dedication, he would soon be ordained as an Elder in the Lord’s church by the United Churches of Jesus Christ in April 2002. 


Bishop Younger is renowned for his academic and philanthropic prowess.  He has matriculated through the ranks of ecclesia, widely regarded as a spiritual sage, an erudite historian, and an astound autodidact.  Younger is the catalyst and namesake of the S.Y. Scholars Program, a competitive college prep program for elementary, middle, and high school students in Central Virginia.  Serving as the institution’s Chief Advisor, Bishop Younger travels to the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities with the Symposium Tour, where he, along with prominent political and education leaders, converge and discuss, “The State of Education in America.”


In Fall 2003, he matriculated to Liberty University, studying English with aspirations of becoming a High School teacher.  However, he relinquished his academic and professional pursuits to embrace his calling to Pastor.  In 2005 founded The Ramp Church International, one of the fastest-growing multi-cultural ministries in Central Virginia, outgrowing 7 buildings in only 8 years. 


In 2006, he established the J. Alfred Cage Bible Institute, an institution designed to educate aspiring Christian leaders through extensive instruction and training.  The school now consists of campuses in: Lynchburg, VA, Martinsville, VA, Danville, VA, and Syracuse, NY. 


Established in 2010, he is the founder and Executive Director of One Voice, an ecumenical fellowship uniting leaders of various religious sects for the advancement of the local community and international relief efforts. 


His unprecedented leadership has compelled many Christian leaders and Pastors to seek his oversight. As a result, he was elected into the bishopric, and subsequently founded the One Way Churches International in 2011, where he currently serves as Vice-Presiding Prelate and Co-Adjutor Primate over 15+ churches.


Bishop Younger is a proud member of Christians United for Israel where he serves as a local and regional director.  He also serves with Global Peace and humanitarian organization with efforts all over the world.


Bishop Younger is widely regarded as the preeminent voice of this generation. His ministry has been solicited across this world both nationally and internationally.  He has been embraced and affirmed by the upper echelon of ecclesiastical elite as a pedagogical pundit whose wisdom transcends his age.


He is an itinerant preacher, musician, instructor, conference speaker, humanitarian, and highly solicited revivalist throughout the United States, India, Israel, Central America, South America, England, Africa, South Korea, China, and Mongolia.


Amidst his numerous accolades and accomplishments, Bishop Younger finds the utmost fulfillment in serving the Lord and God’s people.